Top 9 Moments of 2016

We are pumped to unveil everything we have planned for 2017, but first we want to reflect on everything we accomplished in 2016.

9. Launched our camouflage t-shirt (which we've wanted to do for 3 years) 
8. Moved into our new office
7. Launched our Lifestyle Palette series on Instagram/ reached 500 folders
6. Had orders come from five new states
5. Launched our Hit-Squad brand ambassador program
4. Set up pop-up shop at the historic Strand Theater
3. Had our most successful clothing drive to date, at Meanbean in Toms River. 
2. Released our first fragrance line, two unisex fragrances, with Beth Kaya

1. Reunited with Master Gee for the No Troops Left Behind Tour, headlined by Sugarhill Gang, at Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn

Jose Serrano