Top 9 Moments of 2017

We were founded in '09, so we keep it top 9.  

Here are our nine favorite moments from the year 2017. We want to show love to everyone who was a part of our best year yet.  


9. Sunrise Clothing

8. Launched Shop Cypher Series

7. Released collaborative shirt with live artist Dogmatic

6. Reinvented the KC Seal 

5. Partnered with Rutgers for two Fashion events

4. The Streetwear Affair 

3. December Clothing Drive - collected 70 bags of clothes

2. Our first ever Back to School Drive

1. Partnered with Move for Hunger and The Saint for our 4th Annual food drive and collected a record breaking 310lbs. of food, providing 260 meals for the community

 Another quick shout goes out to the new connections we made this year! We want to show love to Lauren Ashley, our newest and most supportive model, Josh Cabrera, our favorite new photographer and musician at our clothing drive, Run this Way, everyone at The Strand, Graphic Tease, the Sole Market, LoFidelic Records, Travis Applegate, Get Money Kicks, DJ Kode Blue &  Urban One Radio, and especially everyone at Cafe Enigma in downtown Toms River. 

 Happy New Year from all of us at Karma Cartel! 

Jose Serrano