EMRG Fashion Walk


First of all, thank you to everyone who came out to EMRG. It was unreal.

For us, we couldn’t have pictured a more exhilarating night. We got a great crowd out to the incomparable Savor Lounge in Seaside Heights on a Thursday night during a state of emergency. What? Yup.

Our first ever fashion walk on the Red Carpet Runway was so much fun, and we were overwhelmed by the  response to our new designs! Chris Rockwell’s music video for “The Do Work Song” debuted on two screens. Tympanic Plexus played a stellar set of original instrumentals and old school hip-hop mash-ups. Dogmatic painted (in our opinion) one of his best paintings ever. All that happened in one night.

Shoutouts to our DJs from Fresh New Angle, our models Chuck and Jennifer, plus our recording artist guest models New Star and Kiirstin Marilyn!

These images were captured by our official event photographer, SaMoore Images. Please enjoy them, and thanks again. We’ve got more big things to come!

Jose Serrano